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MEDZ - Medicare Claims Dashboard

MEDZ is a rich and interactive web based dashboard that was developed as part of the Medicare data Developer's Challenge sponsored by IMPAQ international and NORC at the University of Chicago. The dashboard displays an aggregate view of the newly published public use files (PUF's) for Medicare Claims. The dashboard will help the end user get easy access to the rich dataset as well as give him the necessary tools to perform in-depth analysis on it.

The main dashboard displays common attribute (gender and age group) between all the 8 PUF sources. The individual PUF dashboards can be accessed for in-depth analysis. Furthermore, data can be filtered through various criteria's to help the user perform analysis and get insight into this rich and vast dataset.


It also allows the dashboard to be displayed by Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D information.


The Part A view aggregates information from Inpatient, Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospice Information.


The Part B view aggregates information from Outpatient Procedures, Durable Medical Equipments, Carrier Line Items and Home Health Agency ( Home Health Agency is included in Part B, as it is difficult to distinguish the data belonging to Part A and Part B in the information provided in the BSA HHA PUF).


The Part D view aggregates information from Prescription Drug Events.

Our design aggregates data from the following 8 PUF's sources.

  • Inpatient Claims
  • Durable Medical Elements
  • Prescription Drug Elements
  • Hospice Beneficiary
  • Carrier Line Elements
  • Home Health Agency
  • Outpatient Procedures
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities.

The individual PUF dashboard page displays all data associated with the PUF. The individual charts/tabular data can be filtered, maximized, rearranged and exported to pdf as well as Comma Seperated Value (CSV).

A companion mobile application is developed for the android platform that displays age and gender information for all the 8 PUF sources which can also be filtered.

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